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Helter Skelter Redux

There is a communist revolution underway in the United States of America, and it’s proceeding largely unopposed. Radical congressmen have openly admitted that their goal is the “dismantling” the American economic and political systems. Large parts of the economy are shut down. The schools are to remain closed for the foreseeable future. Violent riots and lawlessness are now commonplace in many parts of the country. It seems the radical left would be thrilled if this were to last forever, if masks became mandatory for eternity, if nothing ever reopened.

The fake news is pushing racial division 24 hours a day, while at the same time blaming Trump for “pushing racial division”. In reality Trump has been attempting (but failing) to unite the country around Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of equality and philosophy of non-violence. The GOP has once again become the party of inclusion and tolerance while the Democrats have reverted to their roots of racism, segregation and authoritarianism.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” -Martin Luther King Jr., 1963

Equality is no longer the goal of the left, in fact equality is now seen as racism, equality is no longer enough. If someone who looked vaguely like you was oppressive to others centuries ago, you must kneel and sacrifice your livelihood in the present for the benefit of those who’s ancestors were once oppressed. But for how long must you do this? Is it possible to achieve equality by inverting a system that you perceive to be unequal?

Democratic states are literally removing equality from their constitutions. Having passed the state House and Senate, Californians will vote in 2020 on Proposition 16 which would repeal the following language from the California constitution:

“The State shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.”

If the Democrats and the collusive fake news were disciples of Charles Manson, could they do a better job at promoting his vision of a Helter Skelter race war in the United States? No, they are providing cover for riots, vandalism, looting and the toppling of American history and culture. The are relentlessly fanning division on all fronts while blaming others and using their louder voices to claim the moral high ground. The fake news has almost universally begun writing “Black” in capital letters while writing “white” in lowercase. This is not what equality looks like, there is something far more sinister at play.

Cancel culture isn’t about progress, it’s about destruction, regression and totalitarianism.

American statues and monuments do not represent oppression, they represent victory over oppression.

America must never cede it’s history to those who would censor it and falsely rewrite it for their own benefit. If we’re not to repeat our mistakes, we must tell the whole story with all of it’s complexities, with all of it’s statues, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The communists intend to destroy America and rebuild it as a totalitarian dystopia where they believe they will have all of the power. Of course, even if they were to succeed, most would find themselves as the subjugated and not the subjugators.

America must never abandon it’s ideal of equality, that all men are created equal. The promise of America is that the individual, every life, matters.

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